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JetPeel Treatment

JetPeel by TavTech uses jet pressure energy to generate fine, misty, high-velocity jet streams of liquid micro-droplets mixed with air pleasantly impacting the skin at sub-sonic speeds. This treatment starts with a lymphatic massage to remove waste and toxins, followed by gentle exfoliation and effective infusion of skin renewal and anti-aging solutions into the skin. The treatment is pleasurable, non-invasive, safe, needle-free, pain-free and non-contact for cosmetic enhancement, with zero downtime and immediate results.

JetPeel         $250

One JetPeel treatment is amazing because of its remarkable ability to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin with a non-invasive treatment. The immediate results and no downtime make JetPeel an incredible choice for a special event you have coming up or if you're seeking a quick and effective skin renewal experience.

JetPeel (Package of 3)

$225 Per Treatment

A package of 3 JetPeel treatments is a fantastic option for clients who are wanting to witness a gradual and significant rejuvenation of their skin. Each treatment will be customizable to your skin and what your goals are with your skin. 


JetPeel (Package of 6)

$200 Per Treatment

A package of 6 JetPeel treatments is undoubtedly the best option for clients seeking the most remarkable and transformative results. The 6 series of sessions allows for an in-depth approach to addressing various skin concerns, ensuring that each treatment builds upon the previous one for optimal results. Clients can expect  to see a dramatic improvement in their skins texture, tone, and overall appearance.

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